Links and Resources collaborative writing

Pencil Portrait Drawing


Questioning Dice

Word Magnet Wall

WeeMe: an avatar
Voki: create a talking avatar. You can change the character and background.

Collaboration Tools
Google Applications : documents, Slideshow, presentations, forms and drawing.
Type With Me: a shared writing website.

Simple Wikipedia: a Wikipedia type website for kids.

Academic Kids: a Wikipedia type website for kids.
Research Tools for finding information on the internet.
Fact Monster: a fact site full of information

Language Tools
Word Clouds : paste in text and create a word cloud.
Crossword creating website. Create and embed on your blog or wiki.
Wordsearch maker.
Create and embed on your blog or wiki.

Photographs and Images
Flickr : our class account

Audio Recording
Vocaroo: record and embed audio on the net.

Free Music and Sounds
Sound Bible
Partners in Rhyme

ChartGo : for easy to make charts and no login is needed.

PhotoPeach : create slideshows with text. (
Virtual Book : create a virtual book with turning pages to embed in your eportfolio (text only).
Glogster : make multi-media posters using text, audio, pictures and video.
PowerPoint Tutorial: Learn how to use PowerPoint

6 Hats
How to make a paper hat

Term 3
Inanimate Alice: a wiki of our learning journey.
Culture wikis
Culture-Samoa: Bernadette, Viola, and Tyler wiki teaches us about Samoan danceIndia-rocks:Priyasha, Sheetel and Akansha's wiki on Indian culture.Pasifica-goods: Henrica, Jan and Saylor wiki on pacific culture.TheOceananas: Loretta, Pearl and Mapili explore some of the pacific cultures.Tongan-kings: Shawn, Vivek and Sam explore Tongan culture.Twoasone: Akansha, Shradha, and Catherine compare Indian and Philippine cultures.SonsofSamoa: Eugene, Nick and Steven exploring everything Samoan.Samoan-Brothers: by Isaiah, Kiu and Avefua.