During Maori Language week we posted videos of us using Te Reo Maori. One of our board members is Maori and reads our blog. Matua Max visited our class to congratulate us on our blog and help us correct some Maori grammar mistakes. Thank you Matua Max for helping us learn.

What is this? That (in your hand) is a pen.
He aha tenei? He pene tena.

What is that? That (over there) is a pen.
He aha tenei? He pene tera.

Team 17 celebrated Te Reo Maori Language Week 'Te Mahi Kai' meaning 'The Language of Food.' (read blog post)
(Food) in Te Reo Maori e.g Kumara/Pararewa
He aha tenei? What is this?
He iwai tenei. This is a kumara.

Learning Rakau and singing a waita (read blog post)