Vinegar Volcanoes
1. The Blog Dogs have done a volcano experiment like the one we read about inSchool Journal P2N2 2002, "Make a Volcano" by Jan Trafford.
2. What are the similarities and differences between the two methods?
3. Choose roles: Narrator - Recorder - Actor - Supervisor
4. Brainstorm steps
5. Write script, edit, and practice

Volcano Websites
BBC an animated guide to volcanoes.
Academic Kids: Volcanoes
National Geographic: Volcanoes


Indonesia Natural Disasters: Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano.
Kiwi surfers caught in a tsunami

Earthquake, tsunami and volcano in Indonesia

Springston E-Team: Endeavour are a cool class from Christchurch who have experienced the earthquake and have blogged some of their experiences.

Earthquake Websites
Earthquake For Kids
Academic Kids: Earthquakes
What's the Plan Stan?: Earthquakes
How Earthquakes Happen
Awesome Forces

Earthquake Shakeup Wiki: resources, activities and lessons relating to Chch earthquake.
NZ Hearald website about the Christchurch earthquake
Chrirstchurch Personal Earthquake Stories on Google Maps.


Screen_shot_2010-10-06_at_4.59.26_PM.pngAre you prepared?
Read the stories - Maori myths
Get ready for the big one!

Earthquake Project on PhotoPeach

After reading this book in our class library we decided to try out some of the experiments and record them.

Natural Disasters happen every day all around the world. Watch this VoiceThread and comment on at least 2 images. Sign in as yourself and RECORD your comments.
1. What sort of natural disaster is this?
2. Describe what you think is happening.