Classroom Weekly Duties
Class Leader
- Daily Weather Report
- Gates and Absent notices- Produce a weekly podcast about our team learning (Tuesday: write & submit to Mr. Wood - Wednesday: record)- Daily Memiary- Ensure all duties are done correctly.
Class Leaders
Week1: Group 1
Week2: Group 2
Week3: Group 3
Week4: Group 4
Week5: Group 5
Week6: Group 6

Computer Monitors
- Take laptops out and put on the tables.- Put cords out (neat and safe), only then turn on the power.- Remove photos and other unneeded files from the desktop.- Setup headphones and pack away in the afternoon.- Setup: Handwriting / Memiary- Care of laptops and report damage- Teach others how to use.
- Check laptops are shut down and pack away.
- All cords must be neatly out of the way.
- Turn off all power points.

Lunch Duties

Priyasha - Saylor

Steven - Shawn

Eugene - Sam

Jan - Pearl

Catherine - Sheetel

Mapili - Nick


Vivek - AJ
Sharnika - Loretta

Henrica - Shradha

Kiu - Bernadette


Tyler - Akansha

Isaiah - Viola