Forces and Motion

Exploring Simple Machines
In your Buzz Groups each person will choose to research one of the six types of machines.

  1. Pulley

  1. Lever

  1. Wedge

  1. Wheel and Axle

  1. Inclined Plane

  1. Screw

A. Go to the laptop station for the machine you are learning about and research on the website above.
B. Report back to your Buzz Group on how your simple machine works, and some examples of where we find them.
C. Use your template to take notes when researching and learning from other group members.
D. Groups report back to class what they discovered. (Make a group poster of one simple machine)

Forces and Motion
In groups we explored how many different ways we could get a marble to move.
These are our ideas about what forces make marbles move.

ideas_bt_motion.JPG Gravity 1.


Gravity, Stretching, & Compression Why do we stay on the ground and not float off? Why do objects drop straight down when we let go of them?



From Apples to Orbits: The Gravity Story
The Gravity Story


Friction Why can you walk forward on concrete but not on ice?

Friction Experiments

And They are Off
Two grade 7 boys, Joel ChiefMoon and Lee ChiefMoon, wanted to measure which surfaces have the most friction so with the help of their parents they built a ramp to test their theories.

Some Marble Track Ideas:

Marbel Rollercoaster Track Building ideas
These are video instructions for a paper track that is bought but it will give you ideas.

Magic Pen:
a game of gravity, friction and inertia. The better you understand how these forces work the higher you will score.
Click on PLAY, not the game advertisement in the middle of the screen. Good Luck