Vowels - The five vowels in the alphabet are a e i o u .
Consonants - All the other letters in the alphabet that are not vowels are called consonants.

What are antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms?

A sentence is a group of words that makes sense and contains a verb.
A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark.

- There
are four types of sentences:
1. Statements (It is hot.)
2. Questions (What is the weather like?)
3. Commands or Requests (Turn on your laptop.)
4. Exclamations (What a fun day!)

Simple Sentences
A simple sentences contains one idea. It can be divided into two parts:
The Subject: which tells us who or what did something.
The Predicate: which contains the verb and tells us what the subject did or is doing.
Example: Anitesh (subject) climbed the tree (predicate).

Conjunctions are words that are used to join words or groups of words.
Examples: Loretta and Hendrica rode their bikes.
I did not go. I was sick. I did not go because I was sick.

Compound Sentences
A compound sentence is when two related ideas are joined by a conjunction.
Example: I washed the brushes and Akansha dried them.

Plural word forms are used to show that there is more than one of something

e.g. kittens is the plural form of the word kitten.
Rules for Plurals
Add an S
The most common way to make a plural is to add an s. e.g. walk- walks.
Words ending in y
If there is a consonant before the y, change the y to i before adding es. e.g. lady- ladies.
If there is a vowel before the y, just add s, e.g. toy - toys.
Words ending in x, sh, ch or s
For words ending in x, sh, ch or s add es. e.g. church = churches.
Words ending in f or fe
For most of these words, change the f or fe to v before adding es, e.g. leaf - leaves.
- Watch out for exceptions: roof = roofs, chief = chiefs, belief = beliefs, chef = chefs, cafe = cafes, handkerchief = handkerchiefs, safe = safes.
Irregular plurals
Irregular plurals are plural word forms that don't follow any of the plural rules! .e.g. child - children, man - men

Grammar Websites
BBC Skillwise: everything you want to know about grammar and spelling.

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Term 1 2010
Week 7
We are learning how to write compound sentences.
SC: We we know we can do this when we write a sentence by joining two related ideas with a conjunction.

Play "Putting Sentences Together' at BBC Skillwise website.

Week 5
LI: We are learning how to use conjunctions to join words and groups of words.
SC: We we know we have achieved this we can use conjunctions to write compound sentences.

Week 3:
We are learning how to write simple sentences.
SC: We we know we have achieved this we can identify and write simple sentences.